13 Most Wanted Giant Lawn Games Everyone Enjoys Playing

Giant lawn games are much better than conventional board games, and in more ways than one. Besides the fact that they are more immersive, they also make it possible for players to interact better with one another and have even more fun.

Depending on what games you love to play with your company, here you’ll discover some of the top giant lawn games you should consider investing in.

Whether you are having a picnic, hosting a group of friends for a barbecue or organizing any other such gatherings, the following giant lawn games are very accommodating and fun.

There are a large variety to choose from too, ensuring you always have something that everyone in your group can play and enjoy.

Without further ado…

Giant Tumbling Tower in the Park

Top Grown Up Giant Lawn Games to Buy

Giant Kerplunk

Kerplunk is a beautiful game that can either be played by individuals or groups of players, depending on how large the party is. The aim of the giant game remains the same, looking at what group/player can remove all the sticks and have the least amount of balls falling from their attempts by the end of the game.

The beauty of this game is that it is modern and chic enough to be used at just about any setting – from birthday parties to social gatherings and weddings.

Giant Kerplunk

Giant Hookey

How good are your long-range aiming skills?

You and your friends can just find that out with this Giant Hookey. Seeing as there are various versions and rules for this Australian favorite out there, it helps to define what form of Hookey you will be playing before starting at all.

While others may be racing to achieve the perfect 101 score, your team might be the one interested in circling all 13 slots as provided by the game board. The latter might sound easy until you learn that you have to do so in numerical order.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Giant Dice

It is fun to play Yahtzee – or any of your other favorite dice games – with small dice. However, you can multiply the fun by increasing the size and going for this largest set of dice instead.

Whether you like to spell it as Yatzie, Yatzy or the above, don’t let that stop you from being the first of your friends to roll any of the thirteen possible winning combinations on the Giant Dice.

That, and don’t forget that you might have the advantage of picking what combination rules win in the next game.

Giant Tumbling Tower

If you have ever played Hi Tower, you will understand and enjoy the simplicity and fun that this Giant Tumbling Tower brings to the mix too.

We love the fact that this game is interesting in three phases – the beginning, the middle and the end.
At first, you have to build a tower with your group of friends. Afterward, every player has to take turns removing a part of the tower and placing it on top – all while making sure the tower doesn’t tumble in the process.

It’s even more fun when more and more pieces have been removed at the base, causing tensions to heighten as to which player will make the wrong move.

Giant Chess

How would you like to sit back, observe life-like chess and call moves to your troops as they move across the board to check the other player? That is all the excitement that comes with playing this Giant Chess with friends, family and loved ones.

Made from quality, highly durable plastic, the chess set comes with carefully crafted, near life-size pieces to make the game even more real than before. With the added emotions that come with playing on such a large scale, see how you can hold up with your favorite strategies.

Giant Checkers

For some, checkers are an ideal option to chess. For others, it is the appetizer/dessert which chess is sandwiched between. No matter which it is for you, there is this lifelike Giant Checkers board you don’t want to miss out on.

Like its chess counterparts, they are also made from high-quality and durable materials. The units are also designed to be as lightweight as possible while remaining functional, ensuring they can be moved across the board with ease.

Providing a large mat and field of play, you get to analyze all moves in enhanced 3D before jumping into them.

Lest we forget, always define the rules of the game with your opponent before starting.

Giant Connect Four

Before we talk about the game itself, the combination of Ash and Rosewood used in the making of this game board supplies it one of the best ever aesthetic appeal we have ever seen on a lawn game.

The attention to detail in the manufacture of all the designs and pieces is also what is expected of every player. After all, you have to make sure your opponent doesn’t achieve a collection of four pieces – either vertically, horizontally or diagonally – before you do.

Perhaps the best thing about its simple design comes in the way of being easily assembled for play and dissembled for storage.

Giant Ludo Backgammon

How about two for the price of one? Because that’s what you get with this Giant Ludo Backgammon.

On one side of the mat, there is the classic Backgammon game of war and strategy. Here, we pray the best soldier wins.

Just turning over the mat brings you in touch with a Ludo setup which can be played by anywhere from two to four players at once.

Featuring a collection of large wooden dice to match, the fun lasts just as long as you want it to.

Giant Dominoes

The thing with dominoes is that they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, depending on what you like to do with them. On getting this set of Giant Dominoes, you can never be at a loss on what to do with them since they come with a set of rules on playing too.

Either you like to play with them the conventional way, or stack them up to fall in a beautiful pattern, you can achieve all of that with this set.

Note: For extensive play with giant dominoes, you might have to purchase more than one set.

Giant Chinese Checkers

Conventional checkers have been played in a lot of countries – all the way from Russia through Germany to Spain – and all of these regions have different conventions by which they approach the game. The Chinese decided to put a spin of their own on things, though, creating the colorful Chinese checkers.

If this is a kind of game that interests you and your friends, the Giant Chinese Checkers is the way to go.

Giant Noughts & Crosses

If there was a game that requires you to be as sneaky as can be on what could be wrongly seen as a simple board, it has to be nought and crosses.

The goal of the game has always been to arrange three nought – or crosses, depending on what identifier you have picked – in a straight line. This could be horizontally, vertically or diagonally, but it signifies that you have won the game.

This pack of Giant Nought and Crosses promises the fun and excitement of the table game too, but on a mega level instead. How great are you at forcing your opponent into dual winning positions? Find out with this life-sized version.

Giant Ships

If we can play all of backgammon and chess on giant boards, it just makes sense that Giant Ships be added to the mix of large-size games too – and they are nothing short of amazing.

The game follows the conventional model of trying to sink opponent ships by calling out their positions on the board. Even though it comes down to guesses and luck, it does require that you have a good read on your opponent too.

How well do you know your friend’s strategies? Test your knowledge with this game.

Giant Who

For those who have played Who before, you might not have thought that the same game could get this big.

Perhaps what you would enjoy the most about this Giant Who game is the collection of new characters that comes with it. That provides new challenges for you and your team of other players as you try to sort out who the opponent has in the card on their hands.

Great way to get creative with asking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, don’t you suppose?

Always Fun To Play

Giant Chess in the Park

It’s always fun to play games with family and friends, but you can have more fun when you play the same game on a large scale. Besides that, giant lawn games also bring physical activity into the mix, keeping everyone active and healthy while enjoying some good time together.

If you haven’t picked a giant game(s) of choice yet, you might be missing out on all the extra fun.