The 7 Best Giant Inflatable Outdoor Games to Get in 2022

There are a lot of games out there, and that is a statement of fact. When it comes to choosing the best one for your home, event or outdoor setting, though, there might be quite some confusion.

Like many people, we believe you want to choose something fun yet unconventional at the same time. Of course, that does not mean you cannot turn things up with some conventional picks, but you deserve that touch of special.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to invest in some giant inflatable games.


Why Inflatable Games Are All the Rave


It is one thing to pick a kind of game, but it is yet another thing to know why you are choosing the game in the first place.

Asking you to go for inflatable outdoor games is not just because we love them – which we do, by the way. It is more because they make sense for the following other reasons too:

Great for Team Building – You might not know this yet, but these inflatable games are great for team building activities. The workplace is already tensed with so much seriousness, and you don’t need another game that is so serious for everyone to engage in. With inflatable outdoor games, everyone gets to play – and everyone gets to win too.

Stress Relief – Following from the above, the very fact that giant inflatable games are not tactical and strategic means all that tensed up energy from stress can be rightly dissipated. Who wants to play a game that feels like work again anyways?

Socialization – Other forms of games could get you splitting up or taking sides. You won’t find that with inflatable games. Bringing out the child in every adult in an instant, you can only imagine how easy it would be to socialize in that child-like manner again. Fun, sweet, innocent and genuine all the way.


Inflatable Giant Ball

The Giant Inflatable Games to Get

Now that you know why they make sense, how about we discuss which ones we believe you’ll have a lot of fun with? For that, we have curated seven of the top picks we could find anywhere and everywhere.

Adult Bubble Ball

Can you get yourself to do the cartwheel? Have you ever wondered what a flip would be like? Do you just want to roll around all day with no cares in the world? No matter which it is, this Adult bubble ball is just right for you.

For many people, rolling around in this bubble ball is enough fun. You would think so too if you were properly strapped in one and got to complete 360-degree motions with ease. The best part of it is that you can combine the bubble ball with other forms of games. Trust us when we say it would be challenging – and that is just where the fun lies. Available for purchase now.

Inflatable Adult Bubble Ball
Inflatable Adult Sumo Suits

Adult Sumo Suit

Even though you can play pretend sumos with the adult bubble ball above, you get to enjoy it all even better when you suit up like actual sumos to get your fun on. That’s the kind of chance you get here with the Adult Sumo suits.

The sumo suits can be inflated to size, making you feel like real-life sumo without having to add all that extra weight. Since there is a high chance of someone falling off balance (which should be your main aim against your fighting partner, anyways), the sumo suit is also big on security and safety.

For one, the body is well padded to cushion the effects of any fall. Besides that, there is a mat, a pair of gloves and headgear for all pretend wrestlers. Guess you can throw caution to the wind and have extreme fun now. You can purchase this inflatable sumo wrestling suits now.

Monster Inflatable Basketball

It is one thing to play normal hoops, and it is another to play hoops as a giant would.

We haven’t seen a giant play such hoops before, but you can get in on the fun they could probably be having with this giant basketball and hop setup.

This would be a fun game to challenge people who are used to sinking their shots on regular-sized basketball hoops – and the people who have never held a basketball in their lives either. We would not be surprised if the latter group even gets a hang of the game faster than the former.

The best thing about this game? Probably the fact that with a ball and hoops, you can invent your own rules and have a fun time alone or with friends.

Monster Inflatable Basketball Game
Giant Inflatable Dart Board

Giant Inflatable Dart Board

Wait a minute.

If dartboards are supposed to be struck with darts, won’t that damage this inflatable one?

That is a valid piece of thought, but this game does not aim to ruin your fun. It is here to take it to higher levels. That is why the giant dartboard comes with soccer balls which can be kicked at the board from different angles. Thus, you and your friends get to have another form of fun with dartboards.

Showing off your football, targeting and dart skills in one fell swoop, don’t you think?

At the same time, the dartboard comes with regular darts (optimized for this board) for those who would like the idea of classical darts. Finally, you don’t have to worry about damages since it comes with a repair kit.

Monster Inflatable Roll and Running Chamber

Bubble balls might be big, but not as big as what this inflatable roll and running chamber offers you.

The running chamber is great for having more times the fun and for application in other ways too. Seeing as they are floated items, they can be used to race on water (preferably a large pool) either by yourself or with friends. They can also be used to make a course racing event more fun for participants when they have to make use of the inflatable chamber.

Easy to clean and made from a strong material, you won’t be getting any flimsy damages on this fun item anytime soon.

Monster Inflatable Roll and Running Chamber
Mammoth Inflatable VolleyBall Court

Mammoth Inflatable Volleyball Court

Why set up a volleyball court in one place when you can always take it with you anywhere you are going? That is just the kind of promise that you are offered with this inflatable volleyball court.

Easy to pack, save and store when not in use, you can also take it anywhere with you without having to create a fuss with transportation since its portable. Thus, anytime you are going to the office, park, or any other fun location, you can always rest assured that your game of volleyball is coming with you.

The best thing about this inflatable unit is that it can be used anywhere without damage. This means you don’t have to worry about how it would fare on all of sand, grass and even water. Yeah – who said you can’t take the fun into the pool with you?

Giant Inflatable Soccer Pitch

So, we have mentioned something for those who love basketball and volleyball, but we are not about to leave out the football fans too. Even though they could have gotten something with the Giant darts too, we prefer that they have a platform of their own.

That is what we have with this inflatable soccer pitch.

There is no point playing in the beach sand (unless beach soccer is your thing) or creating makeshift football pitches when you are on a group picnic when you could have this instead. Like the others, this pitch makes for easy storage and can be transported easily without hassles.

With high-quality materials to support the weight of multiple players, you can choose to play any kind of competition you like here. From plain penalties to timed matches, may the better team win!

Inflatable Soccer Pitch

Inflatable Games Keeps Everyone Entertained

Soccer Zorb Ball

As promised, above are seven of the best giant inflatable outdoor games out there for your pick. Which one of these have you played before, and which are you looking forward to getting too?

Not matter which inflatable games you get, your family and friends are always will be entertain. They will be bouncing off the wall non stop until you tell them to stop. The downside of this, you will never get your alone time, they will find an excuse to come over and start playing again.

These inflatable games makes your social gathering more fun than ever, grab them today and let your guest have an awesome time.