Outdoor Games Ultimate Guide 2022: 10 Picks to Consider

Outdoor yard games are one of the best ways to pass the time alone on a large scale or with a group of other adults.

On the one hand, games are designed to be as fun and interactive as possible – and you could even make a friend or two over some games.

On the other hand; the bigger, the better – so you are surely in for some amazing fun when you try out outdoor lawn games.

That said, it remains to reason which of the games you should consider.

Wicked Big Pong in the Park

Here Are Our Outdoor Games Ultimate Picks

The Rollors

Many people might have never heard about the Rollors, and that is for good reason since it is a new game. However, this game is doing just fine in the market which is why we have included it here.

Perhaps the best thing about this outdoor game for adults is how it combines elements of bocce ball, horseshoe game, and bowling into one setup. Uniquely blending all of those other games, Rollors is a must-have for any outdoor family gathering, party or picnic.


The Rollors

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: 6

1) 2 goal areas are set at a distance away from one another (usually 25ft).

2) Each team takes turns rolling each one of its discs (3 apiece) over to the other end. Each one of these discs has a different value attached to them.

3) The disc closer to the opponent’s goal area is used to calculate the value of points after all three have been rolled.

4) Any disc that touches the opponent’s goal is scored at twice its usual point.

Wicked Big Pong

Don’t let the name scare you, but this game is surely wicked fun!

What we love about Wicked Big Pong is how it brings out the athletic side of everyone playing it. Having to gauge the wind, trajectory, and speed of your ball, you will also have to concentrate on putting each ball into the opponent’s side.

This fun outdoor yard game can also be taken along with you to the beach and on camping trips. That is better ensured since the setup is largely inflatable, making it easy to store and move around.

Depending on how many players you want to be involved in a single game, you can buy multiple sets and arrange them for the same game.


Wicked Big Pong

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: From 2 – Sets of 3

1) Each giant cup set is inflated and kept 12 feet away from one another. A cup set is usually made up of three cups, and that can be increased if more sets have been purchased.

2) The players (could be one or more per set) stand behind each set. Note that the number of cups should not exceed the number of players.

3) Each side takes turns throwing a ball into the cups of the other team. Any cup that has a ball thrown into it will be removed from the playing area

4) The side that removes all cups on the opponents’ side first wins the game.


Whether or not you are a fan of lawn tennis, badminton is one of those outdoor games for adults that challenges you more than the latter game does. That is not because lawn tennis isn’t fun, too, but for the rules of badminton.

This set for badminton games is impressive in how it allows players to team up in twos on different sides of the court. Coming as a fully portable option, it can easily be taken on family trips and grabbed along for hangout with friends. Of course, it also boasts easy setup at the heart of its operations, so that won’t be an issue for you.

Finished with the racquets and shuttles, all you have to do is set up the game to start playing.



How To Play

Max. Number of Players: 4

1) Each team (1-2 players per team) stays on opposite ends of the court, separated by the portable net. The height of the net is also fully adjustable.

2) The serving team plays the shuttle to the other end of the net and expects a return

3) The opposing team is tasked with returning the shuttle (using the racquets) before it hits the ground.

4) Multiple touches (up to two) are allowed when the teams are fashioned in twos.

5) Points are counted against teams who let the shuttle fall to the ground before they can return it.

Bocce Resin Ball

Bocce has been mentioned before on this list when we were talking about the Rollors, and it deserves a spot too. Afterall, it is one of the major outdoor yard games which has had a series of other games spawn from it.

Bocce resin ball is more challenging that the Rollors in a way, though, seeing as the spherical balls used here tend to roll more than the wooden rollers in the latter game. Thus, it would be interesting to get both of them and set up the other as a higher level for those who have advanced from Rollors.

Double the fun, don’t you think?


Bocce Resin Ball

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: Sets of 2

1) A coin toss is done to determine which team gets to toss the pallino (a smaller, usually white, ball).

2) The team that wins this toss throws the white ball, then throws their first bocce ball too.

3) This goes on in turns till all the teams have exhausted their bocce balls.

4) Points are counted based on which teams have balls closer to the central pallino.

5) The team with the highest number of points/ team that attains a predetermined point level wins.

Mini Soccer

We don’t need to talk so much about mini soccer, but this particular one brings something special to the table.

On getting one of these sets, you can say goodbye to the days of using makeshift goalposts without proper dimensions or not knowing who your teammates are in time. This setup has taken care of that with the inclusion of jersey bibs with distinct red and black selections for both sides.

As you might have guessed, you can play this game during picnics, bring it along with you for some beach soccer taste and even pack it for your camping trip. It can also be included as part of the fun events at an office social gathering as well as related functions.


Mini Soccer

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: 10

1) Goalposts are set apart at a considerable distance from each other to allow up to 10 players.

2) Each team tries to score the most goals in the opponent’s goalpost while working with their teammates.

3) Soccer rules (red cards, yellow cards, offside, short corners, etc.) may also apply. These will be dependent on playing space and preset rules.

4) The team with the highest number of goals after a set time or first team to score (golden goal rule) wins. Other winning rules can also be derived by the players.

Tug of War

It is one thing to be strong on your own, but what about as a team? That is what tug of war hopes to test out this time.

What we love the most about the tug of war is that there is no cap to how many players can get involved. As long as there is still some rope left, anyone else can always join in.

Those who cannot join in are always at the sidelines cheering on the teams, further contributing to the fun atmosphere which it will always create.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the tug of war is that no single team might win against the other multiple times. Thus, you are left wondering who the strong side rally is. How about you stop wondering and start playing?


Tug of War Rope

How to Play

Max. Number of Players: As much as the rope allows

1) A line is drawn on the floor to separate both sides. The rope already comes with a mark to indicate its center.

2) Teams are usually equal in number, but it might be made fun by pitting a seemingly stronger set of people against more numbers on the other side.

3) Both teams pull the rope to drag the other team over the line.

4) The team that successfully pulls the other over the line wins the round.

Ladder Golf Toss

We have had a throwing game in Wicked Big Pong and a tossing game in Bocce, but the Ladder Golf Toss is unlike anything you have seen in both of those games.

Made of quality hardwood materials, the game frame setup is not only sturdy enough in its build but also aesthetically pleasing to make this game the highlight of your outdoor party. Ladder golf toss has also been designed in such a way that it doesn’t need any elaborate dress-up, so your guests can participate even with a drink in their hand.


Ladder Golf Toss

How to Play

Max. Number of Players: 2

1) A set of two players choose between the red and orange balls. This is what they stick to till the end of the game.

2) Each dual-ball setup is tossed at the ladder fame which comes with three ladder levels.

3) Depending on which of these ladder levels the balls get attached to, the player is scored accordingly. That is 3 points for the top ladder, 2 points for the middle section and 1 point for the last level.

4) The first player to achieve 21 points overall wins the game.

Tennis Rebound

Setting up a lawn tennis arrangement in your lawn can be very challenging, especially when playing too. You also have to think about things like loose balls when you are going for that. However, this should not mean you don’t enjoy some good tennis action either.

That is what this Tennis Rebound setup has come to fix.

The high net is designed to give players realistic feedback when hit with tennis balls. That way, you can even enjoy your game-play on your own. From service to slice and returns, your tennis gameplay will have highly improved when next you go out to play with friends.


Tennis Rebound

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: 1

1) Set up the net in your backyard, lawn, or any other outdoor area.

2) Hit the ball with your racket towards the net and watch it bounce back. You can hit gently or aggressively – and that determines how the ball comes back too.

3) Keep playing till you fumble the ball.

Crazy Cricket

Don’t let the name scare you.

If you are a fan of traditional cricket, this is one game that you would love to play. Each setup comes with two plastic bats as well as balls to go with them. Since the set does not ship with gloves and pads, the balls have been made softer yet functional.

Crazy Cricket is a fun game to be played at the beach, during camping trips, at the park or on picnics.


Crazy Cricket

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: Sets of 2

1) The normal rules of the cricket game apply here. Don’t confuse cricket with baseball either.

Mini Volleyball

It would be a gross injustice to this list of the ultimate outdoor games if we didn’t talk about volleyball. Especially now that we have tennis and badminton on this list, it is just natural that we involve volleyball too.

Even though the game is tagged Mini Volleyball, it expands to the size of an actual volleyball setting. Thus, its portability is one of the things that makes it not only a fun outdoor game but one that you can take almost anywhere with you.

Complete with a ball, setup pegs and just about every other thing you need to get it running, mini volleyball is where the fun is at.


Mini Volleyball

How To Play

Max. Number of Players: 6 (3 a-side)

1) Each team stands at opposite ends of the separating bar.

2) A coin toss is used to determine which team starts first.

3) Each team gets to hit the ball three times to return it to the opposing side. Otherwise, a point is scored for the opposing side.

4) Each team ensures the ball doesn’t touch the ground in their side of the court. Else, a point is counted for the opponent.

5) Any team that plays the ball outside the boundary area also wins a point for the opponent.

How Do You Like Your Fun Served?

Outdoor Mini Soccer

When developing our ultimate guide to outdoor games, we made sure to look at the kinds of games that would cut across a lot of different adult groups. At the same time, we also made sure to choose those that are inclusive of all genders and backgrounds – and this list was born.

When planning another outing – be it to the beach, a park, a vacation trip, camping expenditure or anything at all – these outdoor games will do well to add more spice to the order of events. Seeing as the majority of them are also highly portable, you won’t have to worry about all the space that they will take up too.

Which of these games will you rather get started with today?