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Premium Kubb Game Set


Kubb game, also known as “The King’s Game”, has been around for many years.

This game lies somewhere between skittles and tennis.

Kubb game is perfect for all ages and can be enjoyed in your backyard, lawn or at parks near you.

It is also an ideal game to have for a day out at the beach, camping and for many outdoor activities.

The materials used for making Kubb game is of high-quality wood. It is durable, easy to carry and a fun game when played with family and friends.

The ideal playing surface is grass or gravel.

The overall weight of this game is 4Kg.

Enjoy playing this game and create some amazing memories for a life time.

Kubb Game Includes:

  • 1 King: 30cm x 7cm x 7cm
  • 10 Pins: 15cm x 7cm x 7cm
  • 6 Batons: 30cm x 3cm diameter
  • 4 Stakes: 30cm x 2cm diameter
  • Packaged in a wooden crate with rules & cardboard box

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