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Mega Wooden Dominoes


Mega Wooden Dominoes is just like the traditional game but bigger in size.

Its oversized game pieces can provide better grip and the large printed dots can be better recognised by a visually impaired person as well.

Mega Dominoes is also a great game to teach anyone about numbers and also helps to develop intellectual skills.

It is also great fun to play by stacking up each domino and pushing them all over in a domino effect.

You can enjoy this game in the comfort of your home, at a park near you or at an event, party or social gathering.

Enjoy this amazing game with your family and friends anywhere and anytime.

Mega Dominoes includes:

  • 28 Mega Wooden Dominoes
  • Rules Included
  • Length: 30 cm
  • Width: 15 cm
  • Height: 2 cm

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