Top 10 Throwing Games of All Time

Throwing games can never not be fun.

They bring to the table a combination of hand-eye coordination, artistic prowess, target practice and of course, a stroke of luck. All that combines to make one of the best ingredients in the preparation of top class games – and you will even enjoy the game better if they were to come on a larger scale.

For those who have also been nursing the idea of some throwing games for a while now, here are some picks to make the experience worthwhile.

Playing Skittles in the Park

The Best Throwing Games For Everyone

Friends Playing Boules

Truth be told, there are a lot of throwing games out there. However, it needs no telling that not all throwing games are for everyone. That is the rationale behind this piece, seeing as we have curated the throwing games that can appeal to a wider audience, easy to learn and doesn’t compromise on fun at the same time.

We know this sounds like something you would be interested in, so we might as well get into the meat of the post.

Classic Cornhole

Fun target practice is never complete without having one Classic Cornhole setup out there.

Those who have played the game before will appreciate this set which allows them to recreate the same kind of fun on a larger scale. At the same time, it is possible to get more players involved for a better competition since a bigger frame is involved.

The boards come in a variety of colors to match your personality and that out of the outdoor events which might have occasioned the unwrapping of this amazing game. Even though it is a classic, that does not take away from the fact that it is still topping the fun scene for now.

It is worthy of note that while this might be an outdoor game, the boards are to be protected against the weather since they are not weather-proof. Likewise, they should not be stepped on as they could be easily mistaken for a trampoline, given the colorful design.

That way, you can be rest assured your unit will last for longer.

Classic Cornhole


What makes games fun on the general is that they employ diversity in how they bring fun to the table. That is the same thing that makes Quoits interesting, making sure you can have fun with this single game in a variety of different ways.

The Quoit setup is probably one of the easiest to get going in the traditional gaming world, so don’t even worry about that. This fun comes when you and other players determine what system you would like to settle on. Interestingly, you can get through different types of rules and scoring systems in one session, multiplying the fun for you all.

Above all, Quoits are a safe bet for when you are hosting a group of people whom you’re not sure what games they will be interested in. Since it is easy to setup and learn, everyone will become great players in no time.


Who said you needed an extensive setup before you could bowl? They have, perhaps, never met what this Hi-Bol Bowling set has on offer.

Unlike normal bowling as you know it, this brings even more twists to the table. Thus, you can be rest assured that someone who has spent a lot of their time bowling won’t just come and take the shine off everyone else. In fact, that ensures the game is fun for such an experience bowler too.

When playing hi-bol bowling, you get to choose between different forms of bowling options. While you can send the ball up the ramp and also throw at the board, your aim will be the same at the end of the day – securing the maximum points.

May the better player win!

Hi Bowling


Think of bowling. Think of Dominoes. Think of crashing castles. Think about how you can put all of that in one place – with an extra dash of more personal elements to make the new setup interesting – and we have Kubb at our disposal.

Depending on those you are playing with, you can decide to set up the Kubb pieces in different ways. No matter which way you go for, you will end up having fun anyways.

If it is your first time with Kubb, the different process can get a little bit confusing. Get the setup for the first time, though, and you are good to go for life.

Wooden Skittles

It does seem like we have been talking about a variety of games which look and play like bowling for a while now, but they are not bowling games in any way. We have remedied that with this pick of Wooden Skittles which brings your favorite bowling alley to your backyard – so to speak.

The game can be played in just about any setting, and you don’t have to get into elaborate bowling shoes to get the action going. Just bring these and the willing players, and you would have already had all you need to get the game going.

Wooden Skittles
Giant Hookey

Giant Hookey

Another variation of the Classic Cornhole and Quoits, as discussed in this piece, is this Giant Hookey. These games all bring the same basic idea which means they can be best played by the same form of audience, but they also allow for differences which makes them stand out.

The game is not only there for the fun of it, but requires serious coordination and targeting. That is in line with the arithmetic and memory skills which it builds as you play on. It is rare to see something as fun as this also improve the players at the same time.

Perhaps a bigger feature of this giant board is that it is made out of Hardwood, ensuring the possibility of strength and durability against outdoor weather elements.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to get the other games sharing similarity with this one and setting them up in a tournament format. How about progressing from the Giant Hookey setup into Classic Cornhole or Quoits?


Is it Boules? Is it Petanque? Is it…

Well, they are one and the same. It doesn’t matter what name you call it by, but the fact that you get the same round of amazing fun anyways.

Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter series will be reminded of the Quidditch game when they see the box in which the boules come in, but that is not the same principle for the game. That would not be original now, would it?

Since it is a throwing game, we especially appreciate how the boules have been made with just the right weight. This way, they are neither too heavy to be handled for throwing, nor are they too light that they start flying all over the place. You’ll surely enjoy this ergonomic fit when you start playing the games.



Spikeball is not your regular throwing game.

If you thought volleyball was tough, wait till you try the combination of moves and methods that goes into ensuring you win the Spikeball round.

We love that this is a team sport that can feature about 3 players on each side at every given time. The game is best played outdoors due to the variety of moves and manoeuvers which goes in controlling the ball. When next you are having a park event, it would be wrong of you not to bring a Spikeball set with you. That is especially true if you were heading to a beach, of which there could be no better game than this one to pass the time with your friends.


Washers make for a great outdoor game owing to its versatility. The game is big enough that it can be set up outside (on your backyard or lawn) while still being portable enough to be carried around. This means it can also be taken with you on camping trips, when having picnics or just a fun day at the park.

Finally, you will also appreciate the fact that this game can be played between 2-4 people, allowing for the option of teaming up for the best overall effect. You get to play the game alone too, providing the ideal avenue to warm up or even get others interested in an outdoor gathering.



Who said darts only had to be in pubs and bars?

Bring the fun back home with you when you cop this amazing setup.

You already know how to play it. That might be straightforward, but it’s not the same with getting the end result – pinning the darts to the center of the board. Think you can do that multiple times in one session? The board waits you.

Brings Everyone Together

Classic Cornhole in the Park

Throwing games have always been fun, and you have all ten (10) of them to choose from right now. Which of these would you rather go for?

No matter where you play it, your guests or friends will have alot of fun. These throwing games brings people together and it’s a day where people will remember.

Grab them today and make your next social gathering more exciting and memorable.