Top 9 Must-Have Wooden Outdoor Games For The Next Gathering

The lawn/garden is one part of the home where quality time can be spent. Either you are with family or are having some friends over, this makes for an ideal relaxation spot.

If you have not thought about it before, though, games can instantly transform your lawn experience from average to the best.

Well, that would depend on the kind of games you were subscribing to, too. Thus, we have curated some of the best wooden outdoor games that should be integrated into your lawn entertainment module.

We will allow the picks to do all the talking themselves.

Playing Croquet on Lawn

Wooden Outdoor Games to Buy

4 Player Wooden Croquet Set

The name of this piece already implies that it can be played and enjoyed by up to four people at a time, helping to maximize the lawn experience when multiples are gathered there for the day.

If you have been buying croquet sets before, you will know that they do not come equal. Thus, there is a need to choose the best one to go with the kind of fun you are looking to have.

Thankfully, this unit is equipped to all stages of players – right from the beginners to the most advanced players on the set.

Include this into your lawn routine, and you will surely start looking for more reasons to spend some time outdoors.

4 Player Wooden Croquet Set
Wooden Frescobol Set

Wooden Frescobol Set

Although this game might have gained its fame as a beach game, it is suited to just about any area where there is an open space.

What we love the most about Frescobol is how there is no opponent in the game, helping to create a friendliness in both players across both sides. This is also the ideal test of artistic flair, coordination and focus on the ball being played.

Since each set comes with two balls, you can make things more fun by getting both balls into the air at the same time to see how long you and your playing partner can last. That sure takes double the effort, focus, and concentration – but brings double the fun to the table too.

Wooden Tumbling Tower

All the other wooden yard games on his list have a singular approach to the fun content that they offer, but that is not the same with Giant Wooden Tumbling Towers.

The first part of the game which involves having to build the tower is a great bonding experience for friends and/ or family members that it is being played with. At the end of that process, the game just begins – and it is even more fun than the first step.

The amazing thing about this game is how there is no limit to how many people can play it at once. The more, the merrier – but that would probably mean you have to pick numbers. After all, no one would willingly want to be the last picker on the list.

Giant Tumbling Tower
Giant Wooden Dice

Wooden Dice

Take a moment to think about all the dice games you have played.

From the likes of Ludo and Snakes & Ladders to monopoly and random dice rolling, the possibilities are almost endless. While there are games dependent on dice to function, dice themselves can be used to form games on their own. This gives you and your company all the creative room to come up with what you want your dice games to be about.

Likewise, size is something we should discuss here.

Small dice items are great for indoor use, but you would surely love the extra inches and dimensions that these bring to the outdoor setting for maximum fun.

Wooden Kerplunk

A list of wooden outdoor games is never complete without Kerplunk making a show somewhere. 

What makes Kerplunk most desirable is not in the strategy that is required to play it. It is, rather, the fact that it mostly comes down to luck after every other thing has been considered. This makes it a highly desirable game for the outdoors – especially as the losing party could cause a massive crash of the kerplunk tower.

Furthermore, Kerplunk enjoys being one of the easiest games to learn, ensuring anyone can join in within minutes of being introduced to the game.

Wooden Kerplunk
Hardwood Connect Four

Hardwood Connect Four

If you thought naught and crosses were challenging due to being asked to connect three of whichever characters you get, you might be in for a treat on this one. As the name implies, you have to connect four discs to make a winning move, but not if your opponent finds you out first.

The fun part of this game is not in trying to connect the dots alone, but forcing the opponent into a position where they have no other choice than to give way to your moves. This makes it possible for you to score even if they were blocking other red herring moves you have been playing all along.

That defines all the effort going into developing a strategy for the game, building up tact and launching it to see how well it works against the opponent.

Wooden Number Toss

Setting up a bowling alley in your backyard might be a little bit far-fetched, but you can get an even more unique experience with the Wooden Numbers Toss arrangement instead.

Once you play this game once, you will see that it brings more than one thing to the table.

It all starts with the ideal hand-to-eye coordination involved in connecting every bar you throw with the wooden items on stand. It then goes on to keep you alert on addition and subtraction skills so you know not to go over the goal lest you get penalized. 

All this, and you still have the keep the winning ways in mind.

Having to focus on so much at once while still aiming for the win can be overwhelming, ensuring all players are always kept on edge – as should be.

Wooden Number Toss
Wooden Skittles

Wooden Skittles Set

If we would have Wooden Number Toss on the list, it is just right that we have a place for Wooden skittles too.

Although not the real thing, this set brings back all you love about the traditional bowling games.

The rules are the same, but there is no law against tweaking a couple of rules with your fellow players to catch maximum fun. Nothing to make the game easier than the rules intended though.

With a variety of balls on board, every player is tasked with knocking down as many balls as they can with the least attempts possible. The challenge of the game comes after the first throw when most of the balls would have been down, leaving players with the decision of making creative moves to maximize the next throws.

Wooden Mega Dominoes

Depending on how huge a dominoes fan you are, you might have to buy multiple sets to get the most out of this game.

Perhaps, what catches our fancy the most about dominoes is that they are about the only game where the player gets to be happy about their setup as they are about crashing it too.

That said, this wooden yard game can be made into a contest of who can create the most elaborate designs with the dominoes set, and have it translated into more beautiful patterns when it crashes.

This will surely take some time and effect, but catching the excitement of the ripple effect that dominoes give should make up for all that. The best part is that you don’t have to set up on a table anymore since you can watch the life-size action happen in your garden/lawn.

Mega Dominoes

Maximum Outdoor Fun

Friends Playing Giant Tumbling Tower

All nine (9) games have been configured such that they provide the maximum outdoors fun, and for multiple players too.

Even if you were alone, some of the picks above would still serve you well. That means a better time spent in the garden than just lounging around.

If there was ever a better way to spend your pastime, this would be it. So ditch the technology, make use of the outdoors and stay connected with your family and friends.